Secondary Test

Secondary Test was performed after installing all of the considered sensors and transducers. The second test confirmed the energy independence of Morvarid during four partly cloudy days at full performance of the trolling motors as well as sensors and transducers. The test was completely successful and promising except some minor inconsistency between different operations which are common in team works and listed to be solved for final test. All of control modes were functioned perfectly except Autonomous mode which had some software bugs which listed to be solved. Hydrography operation was excellent and it was indebted to impeccable functionality of locating, echo-sounding and measurement units. Morvird's maneuverability was noticeable despite 700 kg weight of it. In Manual mode the forward speed reached its maximum of 3.7 knots while during remote control it was 4.5 knots. Driver's weight affected the forward speed in manual mode which is evident in results. However, backward speed was lower than forward speed and about 3 knots because of design characteristics. The ability of Morvarid in turning in a circle of 2 meters radius is the other advantage of its design and we hope it can turn around its center of gravity by some improvements in the final Test.

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