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Control, monitoring and sea watching in each weather condition is not possible, and if it were possible, it would be staggeringly expensive and dangerous for operators.

This task can be done using robot boats, with low costs and high precision. Robot boats can be used for plotting hydrographic map of lakes, channels, and ports as well as other tasks such as; sea observation, control and detection of water quality (water pollution, temperature and etc.), tide and also tsunami studies in the regions that surface and undersurface ships have trouble in operation.

A national research project entitled “Design and construction of a robot boat for online hydrographic mapping of harbor in the bureau“ has been conducted by a team of professors and students with the major of mechanical engineering of biosystems. Two professors, three Ph.D. students, five M.Sc. and two undergraduate student worked together in this project. The Morvarid project was carried out in the mechatronic Lab of the University of Tehran and this prototype will be used as an autonomous boat in one of the ports in the country.

Morvarid is completely intelligent and it would be operated in four modes:

1. Manned control
2. Remote control by a handheld controller
3. Control from bureau based on a developed GUI
4. Un-supervisory autonomous navigation

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